What Is Needed To Level The Playing Field?

Issues that impact family businesses and the issues Family Enterprise USA is addressing to support the value of family business:

  • Policies And Regulations Such As The Estate Tax
  • Family Enterprise Usa Research
  • Family Business Survey
  • Eliminating The Bias About Family Owned Business
1000 Voter Survey Results

Luntz Global Partners and the Policy and Taxation Group conducted a post-election, nationwide survey of 1,000 voters gauging their attitudes, priorities, and concerns about tax policy. Below are the key findings from our research. KEY... Read More

Death Tax Forced Lay Off Of Seasonal Workers

Seventh-generation cattleman Bob McKnight has faced the death tax on multiple occasions, with effects that have been exacerbated by dramatic wildfires and drought. For many farm owners, this has meant the liquidation of cattle herds... Read More

GOP Releases Phase 2 Retirement Details

Below is the link to a summary of details on Tax Reform 2.0 legislation issued by the Ways and Means Committee. Please note this includes making permanent the doubling of the lifetime exemption. Chairman Brady... Read More

Annual Family Business Survey Final Reports